Peak Lighting HyperDrive MK 2



The HyperDrive is a statement of LED technology. Wave goodbye to horrid purple haze and embrace clear white light with remarkable colour rendering. See things as they are.
Engineered in Germany and assembled in our Peak Lighting facility in Taiwan, the HyperDrive offers staggering led driving light performance with a unique design. Spawned from a rich heritage of heavy duty mining applications, every element of the HyperDrive promotes reliability and rusticity.
Our German optical engineers have designed the world’s first and only application specific optical lens to ensure the XM-L2’s potential is fully extracted. Projecting over 1000m in usable light from a pair of 80w lamps makes the HyperDrive’s 32% more efficient than the LightForce 140w Genesis LED and 27% more efficient than 165w Narva’s 215 LED.
Unlike any other lamp in the world, you can wave goodbye to hotspots and strange strands of light! The benefit of the precise optical lens is to retain complete control of the light projected, eliminating hotspots and light bleed. It’s time to welcome crisp and precise optical projection, making the night drive totally intuitive.
You can now Go All Night with complete confidence!
Covered by a 5 year warranty, you can Go All Night knowing you’ll never be left in the dark. The HyperDrive has been built for ultimate performance whilst maintaining unseen reliability.
The Livid HyperDrive’s are designed and rated to withstand the shock and vibration of a metal-track dozer rattling on a haul road. Cradled by the 5mm Stainless Steel bracket and rated to 10G for shock and vibration, the HyperDrive’s will be the least concern when the going gets rough.
The new HyperDrive has everyone wondering how we did it, ironically the answer is you. The HyperDrive has specifically been designed to provide the ultimate night driving experience. They may not be your first set of lights, but they will be your last!
Designed with LightSYNC Technology
9-48V DC5mm stainless steel mounting system
Lifetime Warranty80w / 7.6amp @ 12V DC
Vibration dampened and shock proof to 10G
Eight 10W 6000K XM-L2 CREE LEDs
7495 effective lumens
5 degree pencil / 15 degree wide optical projection lens
IP69 – water proof up to 3 meters
2-pin waterproof Deutsch® 2-Pin connector
150mm tail connected to Deutsch® 2-Pin connector
3mm Bayer Makrolon UV protected lens
A360 swiss cast aluminium
Reverse polarity protection
EMC and RFI certified
What’s in the box?
Single HyperDriveMK2 Driving Light
One piece 5mm stainless mounting bracket and anti-theft hardware


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